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 SIGNATURE TO AGREE TO THE PARTICIPATION WAYVER. You will not be allowed to play in 
the tournament or register your team without our record (paper or electronic) of this agreement.
In consideration LONGVIEW TOO AMBUCS & CITY OF LONGVIEW, and any other parties involved in the planning and/or execution of the 2017 Longview Too AMBUCS Mud Volleyball tournament on September 23, 2017, I waive all claims for damage, injury, illness or loss to my person or property which may be caused by aforementioned parties, all other officers, vendors and all media partners, distributors, agents and employees, heirs or legal representatives. Further, I hereby agree not to assert myself against the same parties in any court of law, and do release same parties from all liability, claims, demands, costs, charges and expenses incident to any possible damage or personal injuries or illness that I now have in the future, known or unknown, while participating in the LONGVIEW TOO AMBUCS MUD VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT. I assume the risk of all dangerous conditions associated with the playing of MUD VOLLEYBALL and waive any and all specific notice of the existence of such conditions. I do also assert that I am of sound physical condition and capable of participating in strenuous activities without undue risk. I also grant permission to the aforementioned parties to utilize any and all photographs, videotapes, recordings and other references of records with Longview Too AMBUCS events and activities for any and all purposes.

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